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10 of the Best Home Improvement Marketing Ideas

by Kevin Gallagher

Are you in need of new home improvement marketing ideas to help grow your business?

Home Improvement Lead Generation Companies [The 7-Step Alternative]

by Kevin Gallagher

Are you thinking of buying leads from a home improvement lead generation company?

Perhaps you're already doing just that, but are open to alternatives that will get you better results - after all, as digital marketing agency Three Deep says, most of the leads you'll get from these online companies will suck.

But, why are they so bad? Let's take it from someone who's been there and done that, and see what they have to say (from the link above):

"In most industries, online lead generation is a big business. If you start a company and prove that you are able to generate a steady stream of leads for a particular product or service, you will find a ready market willing to pay you for the leads you generate."

13 of the Biggest Home Improvement Website Design Don'ts

by Kevin Gallagher

What makes the perfect home improvement website design?

The bad news is, there's no exact science for success - but there are plenty of essential elements that go a long way to making your website an enjoyable user experience that will generate you plenty of leads and sales as a result.

There are also a plethora of home improvement installer website design don'ts that you should probably try your best to avoid, and as a marketer myself, I find myself stumbling across many of these pitfalls on a regular basis.

15 Costly Home Improvement Website Redesign Pitfalls to Avoid

by Kevin Gallagher

Are you about to embark on a website redesign for your home improvement business?

How Much Should a Home Improvement Company Web Design Cost?

by Kevin Gallagher

Want to know how much a new home improvement installer web design should cost, but can’t find a straight answer online?

13 Quick Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

by Kevin Gallagher

Are you on the lookout for online marketing tips for small business?

When you're running a small company, your focus is usually on delighting your customers and building up business bit-by-bit. Perhaps you've already been trying your hand at some digital marketing or content marketing techniques, but want to find some nifty tips and tricks that will help you see results faster.

As an experienced marketer for over 20 years, I just love helping my clients to identify 'quick wins' that will contribute to getting them where they need to be in terms of business growth.

13 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Without Advertising

by Kevin Gallagher

Do you want to attract more traffic to your website, without having to pay for it?

Sure, Google Ads is one way to drive more traffic to your business, but that doesn't mean it's the only way, and I've lost count of how many times I've been asked by business owners which methods actually work, without having to resort to paid advertising.

B2B Content Marketing Strategies and Ideas That Get Results

by Kevin Gallagher

Are you looking for content marketing strategies and ideas to help you grow your business?

Like SEO and social media before it, B2B companies are beginning to understand that they need content marketing to help them generate more business online - however, not everyone's sure of exactly what it entails, or how to get it right.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 48% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy, but it is undocumented. Out of those companies, only 32% rated their strategy highly in terms of effectiveness, compared to 60% of those had documented strategies.

In this blog post, I'm not only going to explain the ins and outs of content marketing, but also:

Construction Marketing: How to Stop Relying on Friends and Referrals

by Kevin Gallagher

Is your construction business still relying on friends and referrals to get by?

Many construction businesses come to me looking for new ways to increase their leads and sales, and I usually hear the same, worrying story; that each month it's becoming harder and harder to find new customers to engage with.

If that sounds like you, I feel your pain - I really do.

But what if I told you there was a way your business could stop relying on friends and referrals - for good? It's called inbound marketing, and it's all about creating a powerful sales engine that will generate you leads and sales for years to come.

And below, I'm going to detail exactly how you start today.

15 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

by Kevin Gallagher

Are you looking for some handy digital marketing tools to help your business succeed?

Finding the right tools to improve your marketing campaigns can be a bit of a minefield nowadays, as the market has become saturated with so many different bits of software and apps all promising to do different things - and many of their services can overlap into each other.