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The Secret Untapped Google Audience for Healthcare Professionals

by Kevin Gallagher on 29/08/14 08:00

Do you use Google ads to promote your healthcare business?

Did you know there is an untapped Google audience your competitors are not using?

Many directors in healthcare that I speak to spend £1,000’s each month on Google advertising. Google paid ads are a great way to get traffic to your website instantly.

But is it the right kind of traffic?

Google ads work best with people who are ready to buy. The problem is that most people are not. Most people will visit your healthcare website then leave and never return.

That doesn’t sound like a good ROI on the click you paid to Google.

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Healthcare Professionals! Are You Wasting Time on Leads that don’t Convert?

by Kevin Gallagher on 27/08/14 08:00

Are you generating a good amount of leads?

But then not converting them into patients?

If so you may find this article helpful, even if you are not in the healthcare industry you will find some good tips on how to cut down the time you waste with people who are just not interested in using your services.

I was recently speaking with a Director of a Private Hospital and he told me that cutting through all the leads to find people who are actually interested in their services was one of the biggest challenges for them.

I like to focus on real challenges real people are having on this blog so I thought I would talk today about ways you can spend more time talking to the right people who visit your website.

Below I have detailed some reasons why your leads are not converting and ways to improve the quality of leads.

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Healthcare Marketing: Are your Google Ads Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

by Kevin Gallagher on 11/08/14 21:09

Are you spending £100s or even £1,000s on Google Ads?

Does your healthcare business see good returns on this investment?

With the healthcare industry spending more on advertising than any other industry, it surprises me to see how many of them are doing it the wrong way round.

The internal conversation goes something like this:

Mr Owner: “We need to get traffic to our website so we can generate more patients.”

Marketing manager:  “Why don’t we create Google ads to drive instant traffic to our website? This will get us more patients.”

Mr Owner: “Great, let’s do that.”

The challenge with this scenario is that what you are effectively doing is paying to send traffic to your website that clearly can’t handle turning them into patients.

I like to use the analogy of you wouldn’t pay good money for leads and then pass them onto your worst sales person to close.

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7 Essential Ingredients of a Successful Private Hospital Website

by Kevin Gallagher on 31/07/14 08:56

Is your hospital website turning patients away?

Does your hospital website even generate patients?

These are two very important questions every private hospital needs to ask itself when it comes to healthcare marketing. If you are a Marketing Manager or a Director of a private hospital then you will find the information in this article helpful.

I propose to help you improve your patients experience when they visit your site and help you generate more patients from your website.

Why? Because 58% of consumers find out about your hospital from your website.

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Social Media in Healthcare: How to Deal with Negative Comments

by Kevin Gallagher on 15/07/14 14:43

Are you a UK private hospital?

Are you worried about using social media because of negative comments?

This is a very common fear, many private hospitals I speak to know they should be active on social media but they are afraid of negative comments.

Believe it or not when it comes to social media in healthcare negative comments are not all that common, however many healthcare providers think that they will be bombarded with negative comments as soon as they create a Twitter page.

In all the time I have been managing Stargazer’s social media I can only recall one negative comment.

According to a recent study by the BMJ Quality and Safety Journal that examined over 200,000 tweets sent to NHS hospitals over a year, 70% that were positive.

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How Google is Bringing Private Hospitals and Patients Together

by Kevin Gallagher on 19/06/14 09:17

Have you heard of Google My Business?

Could it be the tool private hospitals have been waiting for?

I think so and here are the reasons why.

Google My Business is a new tool from Google that I believe you, as CEO or Marketing Manager of a private hospital, are going to find very helpful indeed.

What makes this tool so great is how your patients can get all the information they need about your hospital all in one place.  They can connect with you when they are searching for hospitals on search, maps and Google+.

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How to Build a Hospital Brand Online

by Kevin Gallagher on 17/06/14 08:00

Why do some hospital brands resonate with patients and some don’t?

Are GP’s and patients falling over themselves to recommend you?

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is lagging behind in the digital age when it comes to marketing.

However I am glad to report that this is changing. Every year the competition in healthcare gets stiffer and the further behind your hospital is the more chance patients and GP’s won’t know or care who you are.

Most hospitals carry out Marketing just to try and be competitive and very few actually work on their brand.

They will see other hospitals using PPC and believe they should be using it too.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Pay more attention to what you are doing and less attention on your competitors.

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Why Mobile is no Longer a 'Nice to have' in Healthcare Marketing

by Kevin Gallagher on 29/05/14 08:00

Is your healthcare website mobile friendly?

Did you know that if it’s not then it’s actually turning people away?

Mobile adoption has exploded and people no longer just use their desktop computers to research and find information online.

In fact, your patients and customers are using multiple devices throughout the day to do their research. If your website is not mobile friendly across all devices then you could be forcing people to leave your website unnecessarily.

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Stop Wasting Time on Poor Leads: The Importance of Buyer Personas

by Kevin Gallagher on 20/05/14 06:55

Are the leads that your website generates of poor quality?

If so I can tell you why and offer ways to change this.

I work with many Sales and Marketing Directors and they tell me that a lot of their leads are of poor quality.They tell me that their sales team are wasting time on people who are simply not interested.

This costs money and they want a way for their sales team to be spending time only on prospects who are actually interested.

Does this sound familiar?

Amazingly just 56% of B2B organisations verify valid business leads before they are passed to Sales.

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Quit the Cold Calling! How Inbound Marketing Brings Leads to You

by Kevin Gallagher on 14/05/14 08:00

Does your business do cold calling?

Having trouble making it effective?

In 2007 it took on average 3.68 attempts to reach a prospect, today it takes 8 attempts to reach a prospect.

This is why most sales people give up when they cannot reach their prospects.

If your work is in sales then I’m sure you know the pitfalls of cold calling. I know myself as when we first started in business I did some of this kind of calling, but now, although we still do a lot of calling, they aren’t so cold anymore.

I will go back to that in a minute but first I would like to discuss the problems of cold calling. No one wants to cold call, we all want better ways to reach our prospects.

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