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Where's the Best Email Marketing Companies in Edinburgh?

by Kevin Gallagher on 30/09/14 11:22

Is your email database full of uninterested people?

Is your Edinburgh business needing help getting the right people to open your emails?

Email marketing is often a misunderstood marketing channel but can be your best source of leads and repeat business.

If your are an Edinburgh business and you want to increase the size of your email database or your increase your open rate then perhaps you’ll turn to email marketing services for help.

In this final best of Edinburgh series I apologise if you came to this post looking for a list of email marketing services in Edinburgh, as you may be disappointed. 

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The Best Social Media Management Agency In Edinburgh

by Kevin Gallagher on 29/09/14 09:08

Have you heard that you must be doing social media?

Are you looking for the best company to help you in Edinburgh?

In this penultimate post on the best of Edinburgh series we look at social media management agencies in Edinburgh.

When I speak to businesses they ask me about social media and how important it is. My answer is always the same and it goes something like this.

Social media is just a small part of your marketing strategy and social media on its own won’t increase sales and revenue for your business.

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The Best Content Marketing Companies In Edinburgh You May Have Missed

by Kevin Gallagher on 23/09/14 16:18

Are you beginning to realise the importance of Content Marketing?
Are you looking for Content Marketing services in Edinburgh?

As part of our best of Edinburgh series of blog posts we now turn our attention to content marketing Edinburgh.

Unfortunately I could not find any dedicated Content Marketing firms in Edinburgh but there is a reason for this – let me explain.

Content Marketing, as a service, is pretty new and many digital agencies are just beginning to offer this service. So finding one that is solely dedicated to Content in Edinburgh is hard.

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The Best PPC Companies in Edinburgh That Are Worth A Click

by Kevin Gallagher on 22/09/14 11:50

Need help generating traffic to your website?

Does your Edinburgh business need to increase revenue?

If the answer to these questions is yes and let face it in most cases it is then a well targeted Google ads campaign may be the answer.

I was recently in the market for a new computer as my windows machine kept freezing and giving me poor performance, which was common for all the computers I have had, as they have all been windows machines.

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Who is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Edinburgh?

by Kevin Gallagher on 15/09/14 06:54

Are you an Edinburgh business?

Are you thinking of hiring a digital agency in Edinburgh but not sure which one is best?

Edinburgh is not short on digital talent you just need to do a Google search for “Digital Agency Edinburgh” and up will pop over 577,000 results.

But which ones are best?

That’s a great question and is the reason why I have put together this short list of the best digital marketing agencies in Edinburgh.

Before you choose an agency take a look at my handy little ultimate guide to hiring an Edinburgh digital agency.

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So You Want to Be a Healthcare Thought Leader? Follow these 8 Steps

by Kevin Gallagher on 08/09/14 15:30

With the healthcare industry constantly expanding and becoming more diverse than ever, how can one establish thought leadership in healthcare marketing?  

It's a question many healthcare businesses both large and small are currently asking, and we're going to take a look at just some of the ways you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the continually evolving industry that is healthcare. 

What makes good thought leadership, anyway?

Thought leadership is generally born out of finding a way to strategically differentiate yourself from the cacophony of corporate voices, and proving your worth in a saturated industry.

Another way of looking at it is this: imagine there's a constant discussion going on, with a number of voices all clamoring to the spotlight to be heard. Thought leaders are the ones that add to the ongoing dialogue, rather than distracting from it.

True thought leaders end up becoming more valued than businessess who are simply trying to push a product or generate sales, but unless you get lucky, it takes more than just a blog published in the right place and the faith that people will like it and somehow place your firm on an escalated pedestal of praise.

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How Healthcare Marketers Can Turn Tire Kickers into Hot leads

by Kevin Gallagher on 03/09/14 14:41

What is the best way for healthcare marketers to adapt in an industry that is constantly evolving?

It's a good question, and the best answer is to put more focus on lead nurturing. In this blog, we're going to explain why, and how to do it. 

The challenges of healthcare marketing

The constantly evolving landscape of the healthcare industry means that marketers need to work to stay ahead of the game. Everything from the way healthcare companies market products and services, right up to the changing needs of consumers and businesses leaves marketers struggling to gain visibility in their chosen target market. 

In the healthcare industry, marketers are often responsible for dealing with vital information to help their audiences make important health and lifestyle choices, which means becoming a thought leader is more important than ever. However, it's becoming more and more difficult to do so in a regulated and constantly evolving industry. 

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The Secret Untapped Google Audience for Healthcare Professionals

by Kevin Gallagher on 29/08/14 08:00

Do you use Google ads to promote your healthcare business?

Did you know there is an untapped Google audience your competitors are not using?

Many directors in healthcare that I speak to spend £1,000’s each month on Google advertising. Google paid ads are a great way to get traffic to your website instantly.

But is it the right kind of traffic?

Google ads work best with people who are ready to buy. The problem is that most people are not. Most people will visit your healthcare website then leave and never return.

That doesn’t sound like a good ROI on the click you paid to Google.

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Healthcare Professionals! Are You Wasting Time on Leads that don’t Convert?

by Kevin Gallagher on 27/08/14 08:00

Are you generating a good amount of leads?

But then not converting them into patients?

If so you may find this article helpful, even if you are not in the healthcare industry you will find some good tips on how to cut down the time you waste with people who are just not interested in using your services.

I was recently speaking with a Director of a Private Hospital and he told me that cutting through all the leads to find people who are actually interested in their services was one of the biggest challenges for them.

I like to focus on real challenges real people are having on this blog so I thought I would talk today about ways you can spend more time talking to the right people who visit your website.

Below I have detailed some reasons why your leads are not converting and ways to improve the quality of leads.

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Healthcare Marketing: Are your Google Ads Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

by Kevin Gallagher on 11/08/14 21:09

Are you spending £100s or even £1,000s on Google Ads?

Does your healthcare business see good returns on this investment?

With the healthcare industry spending more on advertising than any other industry, it surprises me to see how many of them are doing it the wrong way round.

The internal conversation goes something like this:

Mr Owner: “We need to get traffic to our website so we can generate more patients.”

Marketing manager:  “Why don’t we create Google ads to drive instant traffic to our website? This will get us more patients.”

Mr Owner: “Great, let’s do that.”

The challenge with this scenario is that what you are effectively doing is paying to send traffic to your website that clearly can’t handle turning them into patients.

I like to use the analogy of you wouldn’t pay good money for leads and then pass them onto your worst sales person to close.

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