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Is Inbound Marketing a Good Fit for My Business?

A question I often get asked is ” Kevin were did you get those glasess?”

Another more important question I hear  is, “Is inbound marketing a good fit for my business?”

This is a great question and many people ask me this because they are concerned that their customers may find them online by searching for questions to their problems.

Without knowing your business it is hard for me to say exactly if inbound will be a good fit for your business or not.

However a good rule of thumb is that if your customers or clients require information or ask lots of questions before making a buying decision, then inbound marketing could be a good fit.

If you sell a more impulse product like a pair of trainers then perhaps people don’t require a lot of information to make a decision.

They like how they look and the price is good so they buy.

Not really much more to it than that, so in this case perhaps inbound may not be a good fit.

I hope this helps to answer the question.

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